Welcome to FIRST PACK, a leading European supplier of catering disposables and food service packagings. Within our very rich variety of materials we offer : Plastic, Carton, Paper, Wood and Vegetal Material. From the most economic and traditional items to the most innovative and pioneering.

FirstPack Company

With over 30 years of experience First Pack is a leading European supplier of catering disposables and food service packaging. We favor a service-oriented, client-friendly approach to marketing. Committed to innovation, competitive pricing, and quality, we select and have manufactured under our own standards, a whole range of products. We are dedicated to sharing our experience with our clients, and finding solutions to their packaging needs.

We export to over 25 countries with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain etc.
We propose a very wide range of packaging for all food sectors (catering, fast food, bakery, cash and carry’s, theme restaurants, coffee shops etc).
The range includes a number of innovative, in stock environment friendly disposables, made from various types of wood, palm leaf and bamboo, all  from self sustainable sources.
We also propose among others,  a  premium range of plastic catering lines , selected sugar cane tableware, and a number of paper products.
Our priority is to continually bring in new products to demanding clients in search of originality.

Our Catalog

We propose thousands of products for all branches of the catering business. This includes takeaways, pizzerias, fast food outlets, sandwich, salad and coffee shops, home delivery, bakeries, theme restaurants, central kitchens, hygiene and party lines etc.
We invite you to discover our complete range of products through our different catalogs.



A constant search for innovation, and a world-wide sourcing capability, assures our clients, a continuous supply of new and surprising products.

Customized (bespoke) products

We can supply a whole range of bespoke products. Our staff is at your disposal for items you wish to customize. Logos can be printed on napkins, table sets, chef’s hats… etc. Moreover, we can advise you on what products to choose and on the printing technique that would give the best results.

FirstPack Export

We export to Europe and the world. Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to advice, and help you choose from our vast range, the items, that would suit you most.

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